Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Daily Kos is Vile

Virtually overnight, Joe the Plumber became a symbol of what Barack Obama stands against. He is a hard working American that wants to buy a business and he's worried about Obama raising his taxes. Of course, the Daily Kos goes and looks at court records and finds one where Joe owes some taxes. This guy is not a public figure, just a citizen, and what he represents is such a massive threat to the Left that they will do anything to make him look like a bad person. Watch for this one on NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and everywhere else. Remember, if you can't attack the message, then attack the messenger.

In Response to: Should Joe The Plumber Really Worry About Paying Taxes?

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Tassie said...

This is so totally reprehensible, but so expected, from Kos. I suspect it won't affect anyone but Joe, and I hope he doesn't spend any energy on it as the left just isn't worth it. I commented on Digg and I'll do it again here: I think the really nasties from the left are employees of ACORN/Obama, and probably post with multiple names, making the left to look really strong. I don't think the left is that strong. Anything happens to Joe, whether it be accident, injury, legal, or any thing, I hope to know about it immediately. These lefty malignancies are really starting to make me mad, whereas heretofore I've just been disgusted with them.