Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Campaign Full of Cheapskates

That's right, they beg for money, and then they don't even contribute themselves. I took the top ten payroll people from the Obama Campaign's latest financial disclosure at the FEC website. I then went to (of all places) the HuffPo to find the donation information.

Name Paid (Sept) Donated
Mark Patterson $22,584 $0
Julianna Smoot $10,630 $2,300
Elizabeth Myers $8,596 $0
David Plouffe $8,021 $2,446
Robert Gibbs $7,971 $0
Henry Desio $7,903 $2,550
Anita Dunn $7,821 $2,300
Steven Hildebrand $7,577 $0
Cuauhtamoc Figueroa $7,531 $5,078

Total $96,166 $14,674

Max Potential

% Top 10 Given

So, they can give up to $4,600 a piece, and many have given zero. Look at David Plouffe! Come on, he sends out an email a week begging for money. Can't he "spread the wealth" a little to Obama's campaign. They want hard-working blue collar workers to open up their wallets and yet, they give nothing to the messiah themselves. Also Cuauhtamoc Figueroa is in violation of campaign contribution limits. The FEC should probably be calling this person.

They just like to play with other people's money I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Who cares? They don't beg for a dime like you beg for contention. You're talking about the campaign staff, who are obviously helping the campaign in a much more important way. Did you donate to your candidate? Neither did I..., but I'm still voting OBAMA. Idiot.

Stephen C. Rose said...

I didn't give anything either. This is a cheap shot. I was tapped out in June due to downsizing. Does that make me a cheapskate?

Mundy said...

Well... these people should be able to reach into their own pocket, since they are PAID by the Campaign!