Friday, October 31, 2008

Voter Fraud, Lib Solution: More Big Government

There is a serious problem in this country with regards to voter fraud. For whatever reason, the liberals seem to think that it is hard to vote in the United States. Rick Hansen from the election law blog wrote a piece for Salon promoting his big government solution to the problem.
The solution is to take the job of voter registration for federal elections out of the hands of third parties (and out of the hands of the counties and states) and give it to the federal government. The Constitution grants Congress wide authority over congressional elections. The next president should propose legislation to have the Census Bureau, when it conducts the 2010 census, also register all eligible voters who wish to be registered for future federal elections. High-school seniors could be signed up as well so that they would be registered to vote on their 18th birthday. When people submit change-of-address cards to the post office, election officials would also change their registration information.

So, we have a manufactured problem (hard to register to vote) and now an expensive big government solution. There is no need in this country for ACORN to exist. If an individual wants to vote, it is not hard to vote. Most States allow you to register to vote when you get your license. This is the typical liberal solution to every problem, we need the federal government to take care of it.

This is a rather lengthy post, but I have a point to make and I am not going to short change myself. Obama is a real life Orwellian Big Brother. For the uninitiated, 1984 was a story by George Orwell that laid what a futuristic (it was written in 1949) Totalitariam regime would look like.

Without going into the specific synopsis of the story, as it is not important to make the point, the world that Orwell laid out has erie similarities to, what are, in my opinion, Obama's core beliefs. The populace is watched over by an enigmatic figure named Big Brother. The government in 1984, controls all language, communication, production of goods and the media. In fact, they revise the written history of the world to reflect whatever is true at a given moment. There are three classes of people in 1984, the inner party (elite controlling class), the outer party (government working class) and the Proletariat. The government is so intrusive that television screens are a two way street, they can watch every move. In fact, they go so far as to have thought police, making it illegal to even think ill of Big Brother.

Now before you tell me to adjust my aluminum foil hat, I want to draw some comparisons. Obama, as Big Brother, wants you to feel the warm embrace of Big Government. Obama wants a National Police Force (for what) to protect you. Obama supporters want to Socialize the Oil Companies. Obama wants to Socialize Health Care. Obama wants to supress speech, look at what he and his supports do to those who speak out against him. Obama supports want to introduce the Fairness Doctrine, which would essentially allow them to censor dissent. Obama wants to redistribute wealth, and eventually destroy property rights. Obama has said, "Americans think they can eat all they want, drive their SUVs and keep their thermostats where they want and other countries will say, well that's ok." Obama worked on developing public housing. Obama does not believe in freedom on choice for public schools. Obama has the media in his left pocket. Obama is changing the language, any attack on him is racist, Free Market Fundamenalism is code word for Evil Capitalists, you can be against Free Market Fundamentalism and get away with it. Try to tell the American people that you are Anti-Capitalist. Abortion is not baby murder, it is not even Freedom of Choice anymore, it has become Reproductive Health. How about the liberal proposal to put a tax on high fat food. They will tell you that Conservatives want to tell you how to live your life, but that is just not true. Liberals not only want to control you, they want to tell you how to think. How dare you believe that Homosexuality is a choice.

The pattern goes, Liberal to Socialist to Communist to Totalitarian. In 1949, George Orwell knew exactly where the Left will take us. He foresaw a world without freedom. Liberty cannot be preserved when Property is not a right. Liberty and Freedom cannot be defended without the threat of force (gun rights,) and morals are not absolute without the Freedom of Religion. None of it matters when you lose the Freedom of Speech.

Voting for John McCain and not electing Barack Obama is more important than you can know. The eventual end of an Obama reign of Socialism will forever immortalize the first African American President. The middle class will disappear, the lucky few will become the Outer Party. Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Father Flager, and the Liberal Elite will become the Inner Party. The rest, will be the proles, consuming music made by the government, reading books printed by the government, eating food produced by the government, watching television made by the government in support of itself, living their lives in relative poverty only in service to Big Brother.

This is the only place where leftism ends, and once they get in power, they will reshape the rules so that they will never have to relinquish it. They will make you love The One, Obama Big Brother.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Don't ever let down.

Ashok said...

This is lengthy, and you're right, it's a bit crazy. It could be the case that liberalism of this sort, which wants everything to be subordinate to a governmental entity that cares for all, leads to totalitarianism. But it does seem far-fetched, and it feels like there's an easier, and maybe just as dangerous target right at hand.

What you need to address, I think, is why policy solutions as radical as Obama's came with the anti-war crowd. There's something about just being anti-war that's utopian, where everyone who supports the war is a criminal for wanting democracy and people to be safe, and perfect solutions can be had just by choice.

Even that doesn't get you to totalitarianism, though. I mean, the more basic argument against Obama's proposals is that it stops us from being American. We become exactly the same as Europe, we kill our own love of free enterprise. But we're the ones choosing these proposals - there are a lot of Americans that don't even want to know what freedom is, let alone fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Seriouly, look into some medication.

Mundy said...

Do I think Obama will do this on day one, of course not, it is the eventual end of his policy beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Chester, you might want to look into this. Even McCainarthy and his campaign can't prove it: