Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's How It Works

In Response To: Here's How It Works


Chuck said...

#5. The media continues attacking Joe and completely ignores the transgressions of the far left liberal in the make-work position.

conspirator said...

Hmm...One guy is being "investigated". So far thats 1 guy who supports Obama that I know of. lets see what I can find on google for Republican investigations.
wow that was easy, your vp candidate is being investigated for the same thing as this clerk, abuse of power...hmmm...odd, maybe you should post about that.

Anonymous said...

1. Not a licensed plumber
2. Would have his registration as a voter revoked under current GOP anti-voter campaign (truly ironic!)
3. Would not have his taxes raised under Obama's plan (unless you believe the fiction that he would somehow bring in *profits* of over $250,000)
4. Explain how he could buy a business that is worth over 1.25 million (a conservative estimate)
5. Now claims that an Obama presidency would destroy Israel.

I'd say 1-4 are bad enough, but 5 by itself is Joe discrediting himself.