Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Cornering the "Miserable Creature" Vote

Our friends at Daily Kos are crowing about Scott McClellan's endorsement of Barack Obama on CNN this evening (10.23.2008).

McClellan, fondly dubbed a "Miserable Creature" by the beloved and irreverent Senator Bob Dole, is among a growing list of nitwits.. err.. "Republican Defectors" KOS is compiling.

Funny thing is, back in May, on CNN, McClellan praised Obama and "declined to answer directly when asked if he still considers himself a Republican."

I guess after receiving six figures from a leftist publisher, to stab your former boss, a sitting President, in the back, you do tend to question your alliances.

"I think we all knew this was coming." is a gross understatement by the KOS article's author.

McClellan's painfully weak performances every single weekday in the press room never convinced anyone he had a clue about what being a republican is.

How does one defect from an ideology he never subscribed to or understood in the first place?

I guess KOS will take whatever they can get.

And they can have him!

This Article is in response to Daily Kos Article "Scott McClellan says he is voting OBAMA" 10/23/08 by toadvantagedressed.

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Mundy said...

Right on... they can keep him too. Maybe he'll run for congress. He just wanted to get rich and sell a book. Reminds me of that Duke call-girl...