Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Palin, Still Going

Since we're getting so many visitors today directly from the Daily Kos, I thought I'd serve up what they enjoy the most. Thanks for coming!

In response to: Palin, interrupted


Anonymous said...

Can you really defend her as a VP pick? Honestly?

You want this woman a heart attack away from the Presidency?

Anonymous said...

Kudos on mocking the pissants at Daily Kos. They deserve it, lefty puke vessels that they are. Am looking forward to the day when there's a news article about Markos Zuniga, the effeminate heterosexual and owner of Daily Kos, getting his teeth kicked in. That would be sweet justice indeed.

Oh and to the lefty puke above who's worried about Palin, I say, I'd rather have Palin one heart attack away from the presidency than have Nancy Pelosi, the plastic surgery and hajib-wearing female Democrat menace, only two positions away.

Mundy said...

I can say, without a doubt, absolutely. You can all call her dumb, go ahead. I want somebody in the chair that shares my values and doesn't apologize for who they are.