Thursday, October 30, 2008

GA-Sen: Same Old Dem Race-Baiters

Daily Kos author "brownsox" attempts to paint the following comment by Saxby Chambliss as somehow racist:

The development is not lost on Mr.Chambliss. "There has always been a rush to the polls by African-Americans early," he said at the square in Covington, a quick stop on a bus tour as the campaign entered its final week. He predicted the crowds of early voters would motivate Republicans to turn out. "It has also got our side energized, they see what is happening," he said.
Now here is how Mr. Brownsox spins it via the usual, brain-dead, Socialist manner:

Wait, wait...hang on. Saxby's supporters are getting energized because they see blacks going to the polls? They, er, "see what is happening", as Saxby puts it...and they're energized to go and stop it?
So let me get this right. We know that ninety percent of Black Americans plan on voting for Barack Obama. We also know that the majority of Black Americans historically vote for Democrats. And finally, Black Americans have made up a huge part of the early voting in Georgia. So with all that said. Why is wrong for Republicans to be energized by witnessing a high turnout of Black Americans for early voting? They're not energized because of the color of their skin, their energized because they know how they're voting!

Brownsox, get a life.

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Mundy said...

The bigger question is why are 90% of blacks voting for Obama. Do 90% of them agree with his beliefs?