Friday, October 24, 2008

Is Anyone Really Surprised?!

So Daily KOS is making it seem as thought there is some reason to be surprised and overjoyed at the endorsement of Obama recently by the NYTimes... This is the same paper that whitewashed Obamas relationship with Ayers (even though we have now SEEN the blurb B.O. did for Ayers' book) making sure to note in their "investigative" report that it appeared that Obama and Ayers were "not friendly". Really? If they are not friendly, why would Obama write such a glowing blurb for Ayers' book. B.O. has had the times in his pocket (much like the rest of the MSM) since announcing his candidacy some 22 months ago. The Clintons railed about it and the media, to this day, will not let up. AP even released a study that said the MSM is increasingly negative on McCain and increasingly glowing on Obama. I hate to say it folks, but socialism with Obama, Reid and Pelosi is just a couple of months away. Spend it while you got it, because it's going away!

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Breaking: N.Y. Times Unqualified Endorsement of Obama


Fundy said...

Great POST JD. If we could just get the America off the kool-aide and understand they are electing a socialist. The U.S. is in great denial.

Mundy said...

NY Obama Times...