Friday, October 24, 2008

Early Voting Discourages Participation!

Look at the below headlines. You would think the world is coming to an end for McCain in Nevada. However, when you dig into the numbers, you see that we're talking about a 18k vote advantage by registered Democrats in the Las Vegas area. Now let's think about this. There are 1.8m registered voters in Nevada and the Dems getting an 18k vote head start in Vegas is big news?!?!? Secondly, there are millions of registered democrats in this country that will be voting for McCain. Finally, reporting the details on early voting should be banned. The spin by the MSM will just discourage people from showing up on election day. What they are doing is no different than publishing exit polls prior to the polls closing on election day. It should be done away with. You can publish the total count of early and absentee votes, but breaking it down by party should be illegal. It implies early election results and sabotages the voting process.

Democrats Lead Early Voting in Nevada

Massive Democratic Advantage in Early Voting in Nevada

Dems outpace Republicans in early voting

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