Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup

Jonah Goldberg:

In short, Obama's explanation to Joe the Plumber that we need to "spread the wealth around" is a sincere and significant expression of his worldview, with roots stretching back to his church and his days as a community organizer.

... they attacked and belittled a citizen who asked a candidate a question. They think he's stupid or a liar for not understanding that a promised check from a President Obama is more valuable than some pipe dream about future success.

DAVID BROOKS: Patio Man wants change. But this is no time for more risk or more debt. Debt in the future is no solution to the debt racked up in the past. This is a back-to-basics moment, a return to safety and the fundamentals.

Debra Saunders: I have never seen Obama tell people they will have to pay more to fund his many new programs. First he trashes Bush for deficit spending and an "era of easy money," then he promises Americans more government programs and more tax cuts.

Richard A. Epstein: Put otherwise, Obama's vague calls for change that "you can believe in" are, to my thinking, wholly retrograde in their implications. At heart, he is an unreconstructed New Dealer who can see, and articulate, both sides on every question--but only as a prelude to championing the old corporatist agenda with a vengeance.

Cal Thomas: If Obama wins and Democrats expand their congressional majorities, especially to a filibuster-proof advantage in the Senate, this will be to our collective detriment.

PAUL H. RUBIN: If those of us who favor free markets for the freedom and prosperity they bring are right, the political system may soon put our economy on track for a catastrophe.

Rich Lowry: Powell's reasons for swinging to Obama were a watery stew of all the regnant clich├ęs about the campaign.

Mona Charen: It's been done before -- with dreadful results. Call it socialism if you like. But don't call it "fairness."

Thomas Sowell: It is much the same story with true believers in Barack Obama. They have made up their minds and not only don't want to be confused by the facts, they resent being told the facts.

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