Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Giuliani Really Thinks About Obama's Dangerous Liaisons

Robocalls in support of Senator McCain's Presidential campaign have been covered negatively by the mainstream media. This bias has made it easy to lose sight of the fact that Senator Obama's side has been pushing out its own robocalls. I call them the "this-is-not-a-robocall" robocalls:

Is this not as aggressive and intrusive as any McCain robocall? The YouTube user who posted it seems to think so: "So why did you call me sleazebag?" So much for "turning the page on negative politics".

McCain-associated calls seek to disseminate the truth about Obama's relationships with those who profess themselves to hate America, especially William Ayers, who is unrepentant about his acts of violence against the United States. By contrast, Obama's calls seek to distract voters away from this truth about Obama. The strategy is to reframe truthtelling as "dishonorable". McCain's honor is one of his strengths, which the Obama campaign therefore seeks to undermine.

DK seeks to further this effort by criticizing a robocall that was recorded by Rudy Giuliani. DK diarist BarbinMD's post refers to Giuliani as Mr. "a noun, a verb, and 9/11". Is she denying that Giuliani's role in America's response to 9/11 is relevant? As NYC's Mayor, Giuliani emerged as a strong leader on the absolute worst day in the city's history. Let's just take a look, once again, at what happened in NYC on 9/11:

It's a certainty that DK and the Democrats would be bleating unceasingly about Senator Obama's brave leadership, if he had shown any, on 9/11. Instead, on that day his friend Bill Ayers was gloating in the New York Times about his own terrorist acts against the US. Who knows where Obama was or what he was doing? We do know, however, that "the One" has been aided and abetted by radicals of the same anti-American stripe as those who struck the US on that day.

BarbinMD's post is replete with a video of Giuliani, chosen to make him look foolish; the audio consists of his McCain call as a voiceover. Here's what Giuliani really thinks:

In Response To: Robocall Attacks Ramping Up


Mundy said...

It is amazing to me that Obama says Robocalls are wrong only to turn around and engage in his own.

Fundy said...

Great post. McCain should just run highlights of 9-11 as ads. Say nothing. Just make America look at it again over and over. The choice for president would be clear after that.

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

What ever Obama blames McCain of, Obama is guilty of doing himself. It is his "play the victim" game plan.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine how "Senator Government" would "flip-flop" on his campaign promises, such as not raising taxes on "95% of Americans", if he were elected POTUS.

Mundy said...

There is NO WAY he would actually cut taxes... it is a total lie... you'll see...