Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obummer Nation

I think we all remember a time in our childhood when we were playing ball with friends. Invariably, an argument would ensue about who got who out of the game or some other infraction of the rules. This eventually resulted in the old cliché, “That’s it! I’m taking my ball and going home!” The boy with the ball leaves and the rest of the friends are left trying to figure out what to do next. Of course, while doing so, everyone was more than happy to participate in criticizing the friend that went home with the ball as being spoiled, conceited, or arrogant.

This little life lesson is in general terms a reality of our free market economy. The “Rich” have the ball and if they think the game is treating them unfair, no matter how much you might think they are being arrogant or unfair themselves, they can take their “ball” and leave. Today, we are suffering from many “balls” like credit being taken home and not being use to help play the game of economics. Obama is like the ring leader in the friendly game, using his power of persuasion to instigate the argument in the first place, then fomenting the loathing towards the ball’s owner.

But is this role what we should expect our President to assume? I watched the Rush Limbaugh speech at the CPAC meeting this weekend. Say what you want about Rush, love or hate him, the speech itself was one of the more inspirational talks about the wonder and greatness of America. It also touched on the magnitude of fortune we here in America enjoy for the fruits of our labor. You finished it and felt good about who you are and what you could do to help others get there.

Obummer, on the other hand, has spent the last couple months of his election and service as president to surgically remove all hope from the psyche of the American people with a chainsaw. His “honesty in reporting” is disingenuous in that his philosophical background stems from a culture of victimhood and radical hatred of all things American. His education in the ways of obtaining liberal power brokerage requires the divisiveness of the American people, class warfare, and the establishment of ongoing catastrophe that can only be resolved with more government control.

The Obummer team wants a controlled crisis that can be used to bring “reforms” and “change”, however, sometimes, things like the market don’t cooperate and you have to adapt to the situation. Obummer had to be reminded of this by none other than Bill Clinton before Obummer’s Not The State of the Union speech. Sounding more like Reagan than Roosevelt, Obummer tried to put a positive spin on their plans. But no matter what a person says, it is their actions that speak louder than words.

And Obummer’s actions are the real problem. In the process of irritating the Russians, the British, the eastern Bloc of the EU and the Israelis just to start with, his policies against economic production and the creation of wealth will saddle us with a nightmarish horror story from which we will wish we could awaken. Unfortunately, we are all running through the halls of a dreamscape asylum hoping that Freddie isn’t around the next corner. Obummer has used the liberal Weapon of Mass Destruction, Class Warfare, to create hatred for those with the game ball. He does not understand the disastrous ramifications for his attack against the “Rich”.

Mayor Bloomberg made the point quite clear when he explained that out of the 8.5 to 9 million residence of New York City, 40,000 of them constitute the vast majority of revenue collected by the city. If these Nefarious Ne’er-do-wells of class tyranny decide not to pay their “fair tax burden” by leaving the city, then the mayor and New York face imminent fiscal collapse. A prime example of this is demonstrated by the class warfare battle over bonuses for the Widecats of Wall Street. Granted, it does not seem to make fiscal sense to give huge bonuses when a company is underperforming, but it’s exactly these bonuses that have become essential to New York’s prosperity. The City reported that the tax revenue in previous years from those bonuses amounted to $2 Billion in income. But recently, these bonuses have dropped precipitously and the city of New York is facing a $1 - $2 Billion shortfall. So what’s their answer for resolving this issue? Laying off roughly 23,000 city workers.

The Left loves to criticize the trickle-down effect, but once the snowball starts to roll, it’s an avalanche by the time it hits the middle to lower middle class. The question though, is the snowball fluffy and clean, or yellow. Obummer wants to remove tax credits for charitable giving. Excuse me but why do you think every building on college campuses and museums have someone’s name on it? That’s right! They received a charitable gift from those crass and mean-spirited Rich. What about The Gates Foundation that has spent a $1 billion on education and children’s health issues, or the Getty endowment for the Arts. The Rich give at astronomically higher levels than the average person on the street BECAUSE they are looking for a tax break. You change the rules of the game and they are going to go home with the “charitable” game ball. Watch what happens to the poor in this country when the NGO’s and religious based relief organizations no long have access to charitable giving. Not to mention the Cap and Trade plan on emission that will directly tax the middle class.

Complain all you want about the unfair advantage of the Rich, but ask yourself when you get up in the morning. “How many jobs did I create today?” None?!? Well ask yourself what risks have you taken to better yourself and your financial situation? None?!? How about hardships like bankruptcy and foreclosure, drowning in credit card debt, divorce and starvation. Are you willing to accept these consequences to become rich? No?!? Are you willing to work 100+ hour weeks? No?!? Are you willing to leverage your entire life savings to pursue a dream? No?!? Then you have no right to complain.

The Obummer malaise is taking hold on the psychosis of the market and driving it into an abyss. There’s no one left to blame. The market is reacting to his guidance, sorry dear-in-the-headlights waffling, provided by his dream team of whiners and junior league tax cheats. Talk about a depressing message. We are heading for a depression, not strictly because it is the outcome of the financial crash, but because there is no overall inspiration driving force that can affect the psychology of the American People and give “Hope” for a better “change” in our lives. Reagan understood this in a similar financial crisis, which resulted in an unparalleled period of economic growth lasting 26 years. Obummer on the other hand, preaches that the Age of Reagan is over. Don’t look now but I think I hear a razor-bladed hand scratching the wall behind us.