Monday, October 27, 2008

The Daily Kos' R2K Poll says it all!

The Daily Kos' R2K Poll this morning is at an 8pt lead for Obama. However, if you look at the internals of the poll you quickly see that Obama's numbers have been tanking for the last 4 days. If the Daily Kos is polling Obama's lead at 5pts as of yesterday, then we should see some very favorable numbers from the other pollsters today. Couple that with Obama's 2001 radio interview and you're looking at the perfect storm for this Friday!

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TWD said...

It's true that the timing couldn't have been better. News doesn't carry on the weekend. The 2001 audio came out late Sunday night. This means that it's poised to dominate the news cycle all week. Combine this with the fact that Obama is already trending negative, and you could see a huge slump.