Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin believes that human life begins at conception. The fundamental reason our government exists is to protect life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, our most basic rights. They should be defended at all costs.

Any action that diminishes the value of human life is criminal and immoral. The dehumanization of unborn children is reprehensible and indefensible in any society that recognizes the sanctity of life. The Supreme Court overstepped its authority in Roe v. Wade. There is not, nor has there ever been, a right to kill the unborn in our constitution. To say there is courts the absurd.

In today's Daily Kos a person referring to herself as Miss Laura takes Governor Sarah Palin to task for giving "anti-abortion terrorists a wink and a nod" based on her statements in the video below. Remembering her freshman composition class, Miss Laura dutifully trots out a definition of terrorist, then presents a sophomoric semantic argument that Ms. Palin somehow supports the bombing of abortion clinics because she skillfully sidestepped another silly rhetorical snare set by Brian Williams.


The clumsy attempts at propaganda by the denizens of the Kos are rightly a joke on the internet, but the post by Miss Laura, despite its absurdity or perhaps because of it, reveals a disturbing truth about the left.

Miss Laura, shedding crocodile tears for those poor victims, trots out a list of people killed or injured by anti-abortion zealots in attacks on abortion clinics. Make no mistake, not one sane person condones such actions. Certainly, as can be seen on the video, Governor Palin does not.

Miss Laura shows absolutely no concern for the millions of unborn who have been killed and summarily discarded in medical trash since Roe v. Wade. Not one whit. Not one iota. They are just lumps of tissue, medical waste. Nothing anyone should be concerned about.

Miss Laura goes on to lament the sorry state the anti-abortion zealots have supposedly created: "And it's working. Restrictive state laws are not the only reason 87 percent of American counties lack even one abortion provider. No, the threat of terrorism is largely responsible for that."

Apparently, Miss Laura will not be satisfied until abortion clinics outnumber fast food restaurants and sport their own drive through facilities.

Sarah Palin believes in the sanctity of life. She has given birth to five children, carved out a career based on her significant abilities, succeeded on her own terms in what is still a man's world.

Once that was the feminist ideal, but no more. Ms. Palin believes in the sanctity of life and practices her beliefs. Those who would kill the unborn and call themselves feminists hate her for it.

Miss Laura writes, "It's one more reason it's so important to do more than merely defeat her on November 4. We have to repudiate everything she stands for."

The left hates Sarah Palin because she is everything they are not.


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rory said...

No, the left hates her because she's moron.

Gunner Sykes said...

I always appreciate comments from "Just a simple singer/actor/techie/sound man/theatre enthusiast."

Simple being the operative word.

Jason E. Johnson said...

I like how you use the word moron when that is an offensive word used to describe people with down syndrome. Hmmmm.

I guess we can put in the column of bigot: a person who is intolerant, esp. regarding religion, politics, or race. Also see: drumbeater, partisan, zealot, homophobe, antifeminist or chauvinist.

Mundy said...

Obama is anti-Israel.