Saturday, October 25, 2008


Obama copied Deval Patrick:

And Joe Biden cheated in Law school:

Glass houses, yet again.

In Response to: Eight is Enough!


Anonymous said...

Ironic how a site who has ripped off the artwork of the DailyKOS features a story on plagiarism.

Mundy said...

No... we give credit to the Kos... and get a dictionary... we're Parody, or Satire, not Plagiarism..

Anonymous said...

Parody or satire recreate the works from scratch imitating the style of the original. Plagiarism is a copy of the original artwork with minor or zero changes.

I'll bet even if you made a direct copy of a image of Mickey Mouse, and make a minor change like putting a new hat on him, even with original attribution, Disney would still be able to sue your ass if you printed that out.