Friday, October 24, 2008

Prop 8 Supporters "Bigoted"

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsome has made it clear on several occasions that the gay marriage law is here and here to stay "whether we like it or not". And yet those who oppose this immoral position are bigoted. Liberals can't help themselves... they don't know how to properly punish bad behavior so they make a law to make it legal to act badly. The new effort in San Francisco is to legalize prostitution. The bottom line is that the people of California have already voted OVERWHELMINGLY to keep marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman. Our rights were stripped by liberal court and more like that will happen when Obama+Reid+Pelosi get ahold of the Supreme Court. Our rights have been under enough attack under the NOT conservative Bush 43. He has spent us into a huge hole, but let's TRY to remember the good times, not so long ago in 2006 when gas was just barely $2.00 and the economy was going gangbusters. Then the liberals took power and have done NOTHING to help the economy along since. They have waited and hoped for the economy to tank so they can blame W for all the bad in the world, including the economy. So get ready friends, we're going to retreat from Iraq, raise taxes on your boss and give checks to people who pay no taxes!!! Whoo Hoo... I think I'm going to be sick!

In response to: Bigoted Prop 8 Supporters Getting Ugly


Fundy said...

Don't worry JD. I just saw where Obama's promising free barf bags to all u.s. citizens. That is if you're under the $250k/year limit.

Anonymous said...

You are liars to say this. But then why should this surprise me. Obamas supporters follow him all the way. One day very soon you will see Who is right in this. Not men but GOD Who is ONE. And there is NOT MANT ways to Him but ONE WAY--that Way is Jesus Christ. Son of the Living god. John 14:6