Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NC-Sen: MoveOn.Org's Pet Project

MoveOn seems to think they can decide for NC better than NC can decide for themselves. Democrats have decided that lying and cheating are the best road to the White House, Senate and House. They are in for a surprise, and are not all together calm.

In Response To: NC-Sen: The best ad this cycle


Tamara said...

You go Liz Dole, you go girl

jcr said...

Elizabeth Dole voted against the unconstitutional $850 billion bailout, but I'm still a tad uncomfortable with her running an ad where she brags about bringing home the pork.


Conspirator said...

pork barrel spending is about 18 billion of our national budget annually. In contrast, our spending on the iraq war is 10 billion per month. Food for thought.

Nm the fact that McSame is going to lower taxes for the wealthy another 360 billion annually(yes I know this includes my 18 less dollars I would pay annually on my income taxes).