Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama: Anti-Semite

I made this short video yesterday primarily to make the point that Barak Hussein Obama is an anti-semite (Jew hater), as well as a socialist. I put Obama's words on a Hitler speech I found on the internet. We all know that Obama is primarily a Marxist, but in this case I chose Hitler to represent Obama. Why you may ask? Hitler hated Marxists. Well the answer lies with the fact that Obama goes around saying whatever he feels may please his audience at any given time. In this video I wanted Obama to be an equal opportunity socialist that way he can't say that Hitler's form of socialism is not supported by him if and when he ever speaks to an audience of fellow Jew haters. After all, socialism is socialism, is socialism.

Here is the video link:

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Anonymous said...

I get so much entertainment from coming to this site. I mean, seriously - "primarily a marxist"
anti-semite? (nice try - this is truly laughable)

Man, you really need some medication.

McCainarthy and his GOP henchmen are attacking the right of legal voters to cast their vote, have nearly destroyed the country with their policies, have us in a $10 billion a month war, want to "bomb bomb bomb Iran", attack Pakistan and Syria, and give tax breaks to the companies (one of which just made the highest profit of any company in history!!!!!).

People like you give the GOP a bad name. And that's saying something.

Bill's Cafe said...

That's our entertain you through humor. Like the saying goes "Many a truth was told in a joke".

McCainarthy? so you think McCarthy was a "bad" person? Read Ann Coulter's book "Treason". You'll learn (like I did) that the negative folklore of McCarthyism is utterly false.

I don't mean to be insulting, so don't take it that way, but from your comment let me guess the following: (because I was once fooled like you are too)
You are most likely in your 20's and went to a public education system, had leftist teachers, and because if that you were programmed to believe the following-
*McCarthy was a bad person
*We are in an unjust war (all of our wars are unjust, and profit driven)
*America should not maintain a posture of strength for self defense
*Tax breaks are counter productive
*The word "profit" is bad

Do yourself a favor. Become a Conservative. You'll be smarter, less dependant on others, and more happy.

Vote McCain (and keep as much of the money you earn in your own pocket)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Jew, many of the Jews in America will not be voting for Obama, many of my friends will not be voting for him. He does not represent our interests. Even we've been called racists by the left (in this case racist against Arabs), but our issues that we hold dear have been evident from the beginning and they have nothing to do with race.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes. Coulter. A true, unbiased bastion of political wisdom.

I think this sentence sums up Coulter's analysis of McCarthy:
With regard to Coulter's views in particular, the response among scholars has been all but universally negative, even among authors generally regarded as conservative or right-wing.

As to your guesses, you could not be more wrong.

My age: 40
Registered Independent with life-long republican leanings, until Bush came into office and the GOP changed into something ugly and irresponsible.
Ex-military, college-educated, work in a mainly conservative environment.

The GOP has so badly mismanaged the country that we are now in one of the biggest crises in history. Regardless of that, I would vote for a GOP candidate if I, in my research of the candidates (and I do a lot), I felt that he or she would be the best candidate. McCain has utterly (and I do mean utterly) failed in providing any advantages to electing him. He has successfully provided MANY risks in electing him.

And since I want to keep the money in my pocket, I WON'T vote for McCain. If you believe that McCain's version of "socialism" will help you keep money in your pocket (unless you are very rich) then you are deluding yourself.