Saturday, October 25, 2008

Biden Fumbles Hardball Questions In Interview, Obama Campaign Later Blacklists TV Channel

Joe Biden choked Thursday when he was asked some hardball questions about the Obama/Biden campaign in a live interview with an Orlando TV station reporter.  Amazingly, "robjnyc" at the DK tried to spin this catastrophe into a victory for Biden.  Watch it for yourself -- I don't think so:

Rick Moore at has a great blog post on this new Biden gaffe-o-rama and the subsequent fallout.  Michelle Malkin called it the "best interview . . . ever" of the "increasingly erratic super-gaffetastic Biden".

My favorite moment:

When asked about Obama's close connection with ACORN, Biden answered with a bald-faced lie:  "We're not tied to it.  We've not paid them one single penny to register a single, solitary voter."

In fact, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000 for GOTV services through a "front group" called Citizens Services, Inc.  They hid this fact by classifying the expense as "advance work" on a filing with the FEC.  After being forced to correct the filing, the campaign reclassified the expense as "get-out-the-vote" work.

As Say Anything Blog noted, "Barack Obama has a long and colorful history of denying his embarrassing, radical leftwing associations, until he can no longer maintain the facade.  At which point, he jettisons whatever or whoever has caused the embarrassment and MovesOn."

He and Biden are two peas in a pod.

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Anonymous said...

It was stupid of Biden to not have a response to the Marxism question. That was NOT a surprising question at all, discussion of spreading-the-wealth has been all over the election coverage since Joe the Plumber. He should have had an answer ready, and he shouldn't have blown her off.

But the other question was a complete WTF on the part of the interviewer. That "So, you think America is over now?" question made no sense whatsoever. It wasn't a hardball question, it was just nonsensical. I think many people's response to being asked something like that would have been "Are you smoking crack?"

Anonymous said...

The interviewer went "over the top" along with Biden.

Thanks for your comment!

Dean said...

I have to respectfully disagree with you. I thought some of those questions, including the Marxist one, were absolutely ridiculous. If that reporter was writing her own questions, she needs a bit of seasoning. The Acorn question, while Biden may have his facts wrong, is a non-issue as far as Obama's presidential campaign is concerned. The Republicans are beating a dead horse on that one.

Fundy said...

The whole thing was very wierd. If you're gonna ask those type of questions, you better be ready to follow up on them. She totally read them as if someone else wrote them for her.

Phil said...

Anyone who thinks that modifying the distribution of taxes within a free market capitalist system is in any way Marxist does not have a clue what they are talking about.

Andrusha said...

That reporter is, in all seriousness, asking Biden to differentiate between a Democrat and a communist. Obviously that conversation has nowhere to go.

Biden was too simplistic in answering her question about ACORN and I don't defend it. But I also don't care. Voter registration fraud is not voter fraud. It's one lazy employee. I find it disgusting that Republicans are suddenly up and arms about voter fraud. Where were they four years ago? Eight years ago? Surpressing the vote.

That has been the stuff of real history.

Anonymous said...

You have a PayPal button asking me to redistribute my wealth to Joe the Plumber. You socialists!

Fundy said...

Yes we want your money for Joe the Plumber. But we're not going to take it out of your paycheck! You idiot.

Anonymous said...

Voluntary donation by private citizen to worthy individual in need = charity. Involuntary seizure of income, given to one who did not earn it = socialism.

Mundy said...

ACORN = Voter Fraud

Oback Arama said...

Andrusha said... "Voter registration fraud is not voter fraud. It's one lazy employee."

Actually, in Missouri, registration fraud is a criminal activity because it disenfranchises real voters.

Also, sorry but it's more than one lazy employee. Multiple ACORN suspects have pled guilty to voter registration fraud in Washington state, Missouri and elsewhere.

Also, It may not be an issue to the Obama campaign or to you but but it is an issue to all Americans. One fraudulent vote by an Obamanite requires two votes to reverse the effect. Maybe that's why his campaign doesn't care and the reason his campaign funded this fraud laced "non-profit" to the tune of $800,000.

BY the way, Obama objectively lied in the 3rd debate about his connections to ACORN.

Andrusha said...

THIS is not voter disenfranchisement. Disenfranchisement is DEPRIVATION of rights. Contrary to mass voter disenfranchisement (as in 2000 and 2004), the story of faulty voter registration ends where it begins—with the registration form itself.

Unless you happen to have an alternative driver’s license that reads Buffy Summers, you cannot make good on a bogus voter registration. You just can’t. Proper identification is requisite to vote in this country. If you’re worried about voter registration fraud, get out there and do an exposé on identification fraud generally. That’s an industry to itself. But do not, do not liken VOTER REGISTRATION fraud with IDENTIFICATION fraud. Identification fraud is the mediator between voter registration fraud and voter fraud. Without identification fraud, voter registration fraud is a non-story.

About ACORN: Voting IS sacred. Every eligible American should vote. To that end, any group that seeks to register voters is required by law to submit every single voter registration form. Fact. I’ve registered voters. Unfortunately, ACORN cannot account for each individual employees. But they do flag questionable registrations. These employees should be fired because they aren’t upholding ACORN’s core purpose—to register underserved people. They should be fired because they have failed on principle and because they are a waste on the payroll.

ACORN isn’t a villain. ACORN is in no way subversive. They’re just trying to help out people who actually have been traditionally disenfranchised. That $800K given to ACORN via Citizen Services via Obama was a part of the primary election. Obama should have mentioned it. It is a sin of omission. But it sure isn’t a meaningful one. Nothing to effect of a war in Iraq.

For an issue McCain is so fond of, he didn’t pursue it with much conviction in the debate. He’s has been playing you for a fool, and he is paying the price—the base has bought this load of crock and McCain has failed to deliver. His claims are not substantive enough for televised debates when you have to talk to folks outside the base, and he knows it.

In light of what DID happen in 2000 and 2004, Republican spin about this looks just evil. Voter disenfranchisement is not new in America. And I am American, Oback, so you’ll find I do care.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to increase taxes on the wealthy and reduce them on the people who can least afford to pay them. Hysterical non-thinkers cry "Socialism!"

McCain, who admits he knows very little about the economy, wants to reduce taxes on the wealthy and corporations. The same corporations who charge $4/gallon for gas while making record profits. Hysterical non-thinkers cry "Trickle-down on me baby!"

If you seriously think that the trickle-down theory actually works, that giving more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations will actually help you keep or (I'm chuckling here) create jobs, then you know nothing about economics and how businesses work. If you actually believe that McCain is the right man for the job in the current economic firestorm, or that Palin is ready with all that 1.5 years of executive experience as governor or her time as mayor (yay delusions!), then the common opinion that Americans in general are stupid may well be true.

The interviewer is married to somebody you might want to look into before assuming she is unbiased.

By the way - Bush pushed through a plan to give over 700 billion to save corporations that got into trouble trying to profit too much - where do you think that money will come from? Care to look up the definition of socialism again?

Mundy said...

I love how the left can justify crimes because "it doesn't really hurt anyone." There HAVE been votes cast that were illegal. ACORN needs to be dissolved. People should know how to vote, its not that hard.

Anonymous said...

"I love how the left can justify crimes because "it doesn't really hurt anyone." There HAVE been votes cast that were illegal. ACORN needs to be dissolved. People should know how to vote, its not that hard."

I love how the right can justify pretending that ACORN committed a crime (or crimes) despite the fact that ACORN brought evidence to the appropriate authorities repeatedly (who did nothing). Then the same "authorities" pretend they've uncovered a fraud by ACORN.

Can you provide proof that votes have been cast illegally? I doubt it.

I also find it surprising that McCainarthy, who spoke at an ACORN function, calling them "special" and praising what they did, does not speak out now against what is far more dangerous to our country - the systematic disenfranchisement of voters who are likely to vote against the GOP.

I guess integrity is conditional in GOP-land.