Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ACTION ALERT: Donate to Joe

Due to the Daily Kos, the Democrats, the Obama Campaign, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the elite Media and their villification of Joe, an ordinary Patriot only guilty of asking a simple question, he cannot find work. Please donate what you can today by clicking on the Donate Button to the Right!


Fundy said...

If the Daily Kos can raise 1.5 mil to help Socialists get elected, then we should be able to help Joe out with 100k or so. Donate today!!! I know, he's not perfect. That's not the point. We need to show the liberal media that America won't stand for them taking advantage of and trying to destroy an ordinary, everyday, hard-working, blue collar citizen.

Mundy said...

Wow Fundy... we already have several donations and our total is over $100!

Jessica said...

Sure, I would love to spread my wealth around and donate to Joe. He has spoken about his love for handouts.

Also, why can't he find a job, I thought he was a plumber?

Mundy said...

Wait a second. Charity and Welfare are very different. If I want to give my money away, I should be able to do that any time I want. Spreading the wealth is about the government CHOOSING where your money goes. Massive difference Jessica.

Shawn said...

So we reward Joe because he was working illegally? I thought we were against people working illegally in this country?

Mundy said...

Shawn - he was not working illegally... come on, do the research. He was working under his boss who was a Master Plumber. It was NOT illegal at all. Not fair to destroy the man for asking a fair question.

Bob Campbell said...

Joe is my hero.. I don't care if he was a plant. I don't care if he doesn't need the money. I don't care how the liberals try and spin this..

Joe the Plumber nailed Obama right where it hurts.. Joe did what no one else could, that is to get that slimy Obama to admit he is a socialist. It was the most refreshing event in the history of the campaign so far. Now if we can just finish it off with a McCain win I will burst with joy.

I donated.. it was very enjoyable for me to give some money to a person that isn't afraid to stand up for the little guy in this Country.


USN 65-71 said...

Joe is a Veteran,, and though not asking for help it is the thing to do..He is being hounded by the media..It is hard to go to work with this scum following him every where he goes..I'm sending $100...Jim Diehl USN 65-71, "Gathering Of Eagles"

Tom the Taxpayer said...

Joe isn't a veteran - his grandfather is a veteran, but Joe certainly isn't.

And wasn't it "Joe the Plumber" who approached Obama and asked Obama questions?

Wasn't it McCain that constantly referred to "Joe the Plumber" during the debate and stirred up the media interest?

But McCain didn't stop there - he has continued using "Joe the Plumber" as a reference point.

So, who should get the blame?

Obama? No.

Joe the Plumber? No.

McCain? Yes.

As for donating money to "Joe the Plumber", no chance.

Let McCain give money to "Joe the Plumber" for destroying his life.

Tom the Taxpayer said...

What's going to happen with the money if Joe the Plumber doesn't want to take charity?

Who is going to get the money if he doesn't want it?


A charity?

I've yet to see Joe the Plumber asking or begging for money.

Mundy said...

If Joe does not want the money, then we will return it.

Tom the Taxpayer said...

You could save yourselves some trouble and ask Joe the Plumber before accepting donations.

Anonymous said...

So the guy was on welfare twice and is taking donations but is turning around and bitching about handouts? Every donation is still a handout, call it charity all you want, its Joe that living off other people's money.