Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DAK: Daily KOS in Downward Spiral

The Daily Kos' most recent post is "McCain In Downward Spiral".

Here is taped reaction from the Daily AntiKos:

Updated DAK tracking poll will be out later today. It is looking good for McCain!

In response to: Pew: McCain In Downward Spiral


Robbie C said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh.

Do you think the DK will spontaneously combust when Sen. McCain becomes President McCain?

VPILF said...

I think it would. But alas, it is only a dream.

SJI said...

Two things:
1. Daily Kos "has it right". Woot!
(Vote early. Vote often.)

2. Where's my option in the poll for pie?

Anonymous said...

What sji said. Where's the "pie" option?

What kind of a site are you trying to run here?

Mundy said...

Obama wants to steal my pie, so I am hiding it from him.

Gunner Sykes said...

Obama will not only steal your pie, but redistribute it to those he deems worthy.

Watch out.

Mundy said...

Leave my PIE Alone!

Anonymous said...

I worry more about the economy spontaneously combusting if McCainarthy is elected.

In December of last year he stated he didn't know much about the economy. It's ok, however, because he also said he was going to read Greenspan's book.

Uh-oh. Greenspan just confessed that he was wrong.

Oh, tough break, Grimace.

John McCain for President. Because George Bush didn't finish us off!

jcr said...

McCain is a sacrificial candidate. The powers that be in the Republican Party knew full well that whoever ran after Bush was going to end up next to Walter Mondale on a milk carton, so Huck and Mitt just stayed in long enough to get their names in the press for the next round.

As far as I'm concerned, by voting for the bailout McCain voted against the taxpayers and the constitution. He is no more qualified to be president than Obama or any other pork-barrel parasite.