Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Elizabeth Cameron

Look, the idea that anybody wants a young woman to be raped is insane, but you see, there are only a handful of abortion defenses. Keep in mind that 75 to 85% of pregnancies due to rape are NOT aborted.

1) Choice not Murder (also known as stay out of my body) - this special argument goes like this, "its my choice" and "it's just a clump of cells" and "its my body," among others. What this does is forces you to suspend belief that you are murdering a baby and instead makes it a "Woman's Health" issue. The idea that we are free, coupled with woman's rights and the denial of the life of the baby, makes this plausible. It fails any logical argument, once you get out some pictures of aborted children and high-def ultrasounds of babies recoiling from the abortionist's tools

2) Incest and Rape plea - this one is particularly effective because we recoil at the thought of both. Keep in mind, less than 1% of abortions are because of rape or incest, so even if we give you those, you still have 99% for on-demand convenience, "health" of the mother, or "health" of the child. The child has done nothing wrong, but they use it because there are so many people that do not want to force an incest or rape victim to have a baby.

3) "Health" of the child - this one is just silly. Cure the cancer by killing the baby. They use examples of babies born without brains and other malformities. There is a small amount of abortions due to this, but really, is it fair to say it is better for a down syndrome baby to be dead then to be born alive?

4) "Health" of the mother - maybe I'd give you cancer, or lupus, or some other horrific diseases, but here is what they do. They use those examples to justify depression, anxiety, and it becomes all ecompassing to their real goal - abortion on-demand all the time.

5) Better than being unwanted - this one is a riot. So it is better to kill a baby because it will be born and not be wanted. Really. Let's just take the first graders out to the parking lot and shoot them. Well, only if their parents "don't want them."

6) Better for society - this one goes like this. Since the baby is unwanted, the mother will be a bad mother, the child will grow up, become addicted to drugs, go on a shooting rampage and end society as we know it. Guess what, there are many men and women who were born who were not wanted and they thrived in their lives.

There are a few more, but guess what, none of these can get over the fact that you are murdering an unborn child.

In Response to: "Governor Palin....I should have a choice about this" & McCain: Women's "Health" Just A Loophole For More Abortion

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