Monday, October 20, 2008

ACORN Employees Convicted of Voter Fraud

I would never defend anybody, Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Conservative who engages in voter fraud. Our democratic principles rely on our collective faith that an election was conducted fairly. (Non-withstanding potentially raising $63M from foreign donors, suppressing dissent, and refusing to validate 200k garbage registrations, right, and fighting in the court to not have to provide proof of your natural born status.)

The acts of those in California are reprehensible. The Kos claims, GOP 1 arrest, Dems 0, then they raise their arms in celebration, burn a couple of America flags, and find a few trees to climb in protest. I say we take a trip back in time, our first stop is 2007, where seven employees of ACORN were charged with voter fraud.

These were definitely upstanding citizens:

Johnson pleaded guilty in Pierce County in 2002 to two counts of second-degree child molestation for taking part in a "truth or dare" game that resulted in a 12-year-old girl touching the private parts of an adult man. She also has convictions for burglary and theft in King County Superior Court.

Olson pleaded guilty in Pierce County to a 2005 charge of harassment for writing a bomb-threat note he claimed was intended as a prank on a co-worker. Greene is in Pierce County Jail on charges of possessing crack cocaine.

But wait, how about just 4 days ago?

Michigan's attorney general is charging a former employee of a community organizing group with forgery after he says the man falsely submitted six voter registration forms

How about November of 2006?

Four people have been indicted on charges of voter fraud in Kansas City, officials said Wednesday.

And you can see the rest of the details here at Ballotpedia. For those who want the score since 2004, there have been 26 people investigated, 21 charged and 5 convictions of ACORN voter registration fraud. How's that for a score Daily Kos?


Kate said...

There have been arrests and convictions in Wisconsin too.

So, that would make it Rep 1, Dhimmis...a gazillion. Heh.

The Hawg said...

Typical leftie stuff -- ignore massive fraud that good liberal folks are up to and howl about ONE slimy instance where a Republican was involved.


Anonymous said...

Only a traitor could pretend that the temp workers at ACORN are anywhere near the same level as the systemic voter caging done by the GOP.

Eh, why be honest, right?
Being a hypcrite is so much more satisfying.

You are pathetic. Why don't you enlist and make something of yourself?
You can't go through your whole life this dishonest.

Kate said...

Gee anon, could you sound anymore juvenile?