Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Not to Vote for Obama

And something fun... but true.

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angie jones said...
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Anonymous said...

The truth is, Raila Odinga claimed to be related to Barack during a politically dangerous moment for himself, and no Kenya experts believe his claim. Having made that unsupported boast, even Odinga himself says he never received money from Obama, as the original smear email and Corsi’s pathetic rehash would have us believe. And even though the smear attackers want to rewrite history, accounts from the time prove that Barack did not take sides in Kenya’s recent controversial election.

This lie was began by Jerome Corsi, one of the main smear attackers behind the Swift Boat smears against John Kerry, and recently got himself in trouble with authorities in Kenya.
He apparently started with an email attack that earned a “pants on fire” rating from PolitiFact for truthfulness. Here is a PolitiFact article:

The email claimed familial, financial, and political ties between Barack Obama and a Kenyan politician named Raila Odinga, so all Corsi had to do when he “wrote” his book was commit it to paper. Everything in the email was debunked months before the book came out, but Corsi went ahead with the book anyways.

It's ok to not like Obama, it's not ok to just make stuff up, or retell known lies by calling them truths. There are more legitament reasons to not agree with Obama.

Mundy said...

Well... you can say that... but I saw Obama with Odinga in Kenya, and it sure as heck looked like he was supporting him.

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

Powerful Video that speaks for itself.