Monday, October 13, 2008

A Truly Fantastic Op-Ed From Fred Hiatt

In today's Washington Post, Fred Hiatt, explains that John really likes Obama. You see, it's not John's's "the crazed intensity of a presidential campaign," it's the consultants, it's believing your own hype, but really, it's not the John McCain that Hiatt knows and loves. And what we must realize is that:

He's been running for president, more on than off, for almost a decade, but his determination hasn't had much to do with a highly defined ideology, program or set of policies. What underlies his ambition are values: service, patriotism, duty, honor.

Good to see an honest opinion come out. What he did not say is that McCain is being forced to do these things by the MSM that will not do it's job. They loved to dig into Sarah Palin, but won't ask even the simplest question of Obama.

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