Monday, October 13, 2008

Still a Coward, Media Silent on Obama's Past

Nobody in the media has the temerity to ask Obama one simple, easy question:

What did you know when you first met Bill Ayers?

And in so far as John McCain being responsible for his crowds. Take a look at the below Obama supporters:

Big Tent Party, My Donkey.

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Andy said...

Sorry, but to say this is suppression of speech is a stretch. Looks to me like it is free speech on both sides.

This is the same level of polite discourse that would occur at pro-choice rally. The opposing group would quietly allow the rally to go on? Seriously?

Can we quit the fake outrage? You can worry about free speech when the marchers are arrested.

Anonymous said...

"area intellectuals"? I saw an extremely diverse group of people reacting to the McCain parade and none of them looked like "intellectuals" to me. Just because they don't like McCain they're "intellectuals"?
And by the way, when did being smart become a BAD thing?