Sunday, October 19, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Joe: Howls From the Jackal Pack

If the denizens of the Kos extend their unhealthy talent for inept comparison any farther, I fear for their collective sanity, not that had much to begin with. An anonymous Kos drone calling himself Jed L. has dredged up a video of Joe McCarthy and, of course, compares ol' Joe to John McCain and Sarah Palin.

In the video, Joe McCarthy says the word terrorist in a diatribe against Edward R. Murrow.

Sarah Palin said that the One palled around with domestic terrorists. Sadly, he did. That doesn't mean that Obama wouldn't be an entertaining dinner guest, or even that he, himself, is a terrorist.

Using Kos logic, we can safely ascertain that since Joe McCarthy used the word terrorist, and that Sarah Palin used the word terrorist, the election of the McCain/Palin ticket would lead to a resurgence of McCarthyism.

Yes, folks, they used the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE!!!

Did you know that Elvis Presley and Ludwig Von Beethoven used many of the EXACT SAME NOTES!!

Good thinking, Jed.

I'm sure glad Joe McCarthy and Sarah Palin didn't both say anything about mass murder..

None of us would be safe.

In Response To: The Other Joe: McCain and Palin Resurrect McCarthy's Attacks.

Gunner Sykes

1 comment:

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

If Jed L wants to compare personal attacks to anyone's strategy, he should be looking at Barack O.

Joe the Plumber is a normal person like you and I who is being attacked by the BO machine. Speak up and go against the machine and see what you get.

Sometimes, Jed L, what you are looking for isn't beyond your own front yard. Just like Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.

Think about it. For once.