Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell: From Zero to Hero (at least at the Daily Kos)

Look at all of the reverence for Colin Powell at the Kos, now that he has chosen race over party and principle.

With eloquence and humility, Former Secretary of State and retired General Colin Powell just provided a ringing endosement of Barack Obama as President for the United States. Among the many reasons he mentioned for his support were that Obama has reached out 'across the nation,' and 'has both the style and substance to be an exceptional President.' He ended by stating "I'll be voting for Barack Obama."

So, of course, the Kos will be the all-Colin, all the time website for the next few days. What is interesting is that it wasn't always so. Let's go back at a bit:

Colin is gone: No one person more tarnished his legacy the last four years than Colin Powell.
No Colin Powell at RNC: It's more like the time-honored tradition of not having a cabinet secretary speak at the Convention that would remind everyone of incredibly failed policies and strategies.
Powell falls to absurdity: There you have it. It didn't matter whether Iraq posed a threat or not. Bush still would've invaded because Iraq wanted to be a threat.
We Must Never Forget February 5, 2003: Colin Powell went to the UN and engaged in one the most infamous acts of Propaganda in World history. We must never forget.
Stop talking about WMDs!: So yeah, I was upset that Powell lied to the American people and the United Nations, and that his bosses lied and continued to lie about their reasons for Bush's War.
State Department cooks the books: Aside from the tacit admissions that they, once upon a time, could get away with cooking the books for political gain (say, in the runup to Bush's War), Powell is full of it.
Reports: Rice to replace Powell: Powell's reign was marred by the obvious conflict between his integrity and loyalty to the Bush clan (loyalty won, integrity lost big).
Must... Control... Incandescent Rage... : Supposedly intelligent Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton says "yeah, that Colin Powell is a guy worth listening to!", under the apparent premise that the one guy singularly and most famously known for having the Most Total Lifetime Opportunities To Do The Right Thing During A Complete Clusterf*** Without Ever Goddamn Actually Doing It Even Once Even While Every Shred Of His Own Integrity Got Shoveled Into George W. Bush's Boxer Shorts in fact represents the kind of moderation and foreign policy "bipartisanship" worth the attention of Democrats.

Wow, so I am guessing that if by some miracle Sean or Rush decided to endorse Obama, they'd be the Kos's newest best friends. The Kos has zero integrity. And Colin Powell just ensured that he will never be embraced by Republicans for anything, ever again, and you know what, he was never really a good Republican anyway.


Anonymous said...

Colin Powell has finally conformed to the left, so they are allowing him to be a hero. If he dares go out of line again and thinks for himself, he can forget about the new "cred" he has earned. He will be a zero again.

Sam Pierce said...

I was curious how the libiot Dailykos vermin would treat this unsurprising endorsement. I am glad I found your blog and will be linking to it!