Thursday, October 9, 2008

Palin/McCain's Tough Questions Narrow Obama's Lead

There are two thing that are true about this race: Number one, Obama is definitely leading in the polls; Number two, Obama's lead is definitely shrinking. There are three weeks to go in this race and Obama has peaked at 50%. You know what that means? He can only go down. Momentum in a political is never at a stand still, it is always going in one direction or another. Since Obama has hit the ceiling, there only direction this race can go. Sorry Mr. Kos.

Here are the last three days of polling for two national polls.
Rasmussen Obama +8 to +6 to +5
GW/Battleground Obama +7 to +4 to +3

Also, we have state polls starting to go in McCain's favor. Two swing states are back into McCain's bucket.
ARG Missouri McCain +3
Rasmussen Indiana McCain +7

In response to: Palin/McCain's Nastiness Driving Up Unfavorables

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