Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kos is Scared

All day, the discussion everywhere has been about Acorn, Bill Ayers, Obama's Character, and oh yeah, that whole economy going down in smoke. Now, the economy is a major issue in this campaign and if people spent more time thinking about it, they would realize that Obama is the wrong choice for the economy. The bottom line is that now is not the time for Marxist principles. People believe in the free economy. It was not the lack of reglation and oversight that caused this, it was, in fact government intervention that did.

Back to my friend Kos. They are going nuts over there, because they saw the polls start to slip a bit. They see Obama buying 1/2 an hour on Network TV so he can spew his Socialist Propoganda. They know that National Polls LEAD State Polls. Lastly, they know that Obama is vunerable based on his associations. So, they call McCain a coward. Right, this is a man who after escaping death on an aircraft carrier, volunteered to stay behind.

Coward. As If.

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