Thursday, October 16, 2008

Don't Take It so Personally

Here are two men with a daughter and an adopted child soon to be had who are mad at the Mormon Church and the State of California for meddling in their affairs just because they want to get married. What triggered the tirade over at kos was that a supporter for Prop 8 in California, obviously a bill involving the definition of marriage, approached this person with a flyer, which really upset him. The tee shirt the man wore bore this message: 1 man + 1 woman = marriage. The more the man thought about it the madder he got, so got into a mouth fight with the man in the tee shirt and thinks he won the argument in the parking lot.

Why am I writing about this? Not because I am a shill for the Mormon Church or the state of California. I am writing about it because I have had it with a super-minority of amoral people insisting on laws for all of us that only legitimizes their immorality. They want us to believe they just want what the rest of us have: a "marriage" just like us who are hetero have. That is not in fact exactly what they are after. What they want is for the law to be changed to legalize their union as marriage so they can collect the benefits packages and estates, etc of their "significant other" without hassles. This affects society, will add greatly to business expenses, hence with the cost of goods. This also hampers parents' ability to teach their children that this is immoral and should not be done. Well, now, if the state says it is legal and O.K., the parent has a steeper road to climb given the state has sanctioned immorality. The state will also have dumped the foundations upon which it was built and upon which the nation was built. Good old California, land of the...

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Mundy said...

What is interesting to me, is that they want the same protections provided to race provided to a choice. The normalization of homosexuality does not serve to benefit society in any meangingful, positive way.