Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daily AntiKos Uncovers Top Secret Obama Campaign Document

This is a breaking exclusive. An anonymous email arrived in our inbox today, with an internal document that simplifies Obama's complex economic plan.

Obama wins the Trifecta of Stupidity!


Keith said...

Um, this should bode well with the minority of voters that vote republican.
Realize this - for every silly distortion of truth that is made, it only leads the undecided in the opposite direction. I don't believe that any undecided voter wants to be associated with voting in the same direction as a Woman who states "I don't trust Obama, because he's an Arab"
Congratulations Republicans not only have you lost the election ahead of schedule, you may have hurt your party for the next 10 years.
Good luck playing catchup and knocking down the walls of the MEDIA.

Mundy said...

Wow... Keith Olbermann.... we're honored... now, how exactly is this a distortion?