Saturday, October 18, 2008

Your Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

Thomas Sowell: Sarah Palin's record is on the record, while whole years of Barack Obama's life are engulfed in fog, and he has had to explain away one after another of the astounding and vile people he has not merely "associated" with but has had political alliances with, and to whom he has directed the taxpayers' money and other money.

Patrick Buchanan: In short, Obama has still not closed the sale. Every time America takes a second look at him, it has second thoughts, and backs away.

Matthew Continetti: Democrats gone wild.

Edward Luce: With barely two weeks left before polling day, the media, the Democratic party and the rest of the world (the safest Democratic state of the lot) have virtually called a halt to the election. Barack Obama will be the winner. His momentum is now unstoppable. And for that he has the financial meltdown to thank.

San Diego Union Tribue: So, please, spare us the “social justice” rhetoric. What ACORN has done isn't noble. It's reprehensible. We hope that the FBI's investigation into the group is vigorous and thorough.

Miami Herald: John McCain was cheered by an enthusiastic, predominantly Hispanic audience at Florida International University.

Investor's Business Daily: John McCain's vocal support of free trade is matched by a stalwart voting record. By contrast, Barack Obama says he's a "free trader" but comes up with ever-snakier excuses that suggest otherwise.

Ann Coulter: Political correctness has taught people to lie to pollsters rather than be forced to explain why they're not voting for the African-American.

Cesar Conda: For conservatives, the magic number in this election may not be 44, as in who will be the 44th President, but arguably 41, as in the minimum number of Republican Senators necessary to sustain a filibuster and stop the liberal Democratic majority from passing whatever bill it wants.

Paul Weyrich: The Obama campaign has 30,000 lawyers ready to challenge the election in any close state.

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