Saturday, October 4, 2008

Yeah they're scared

Since the Daily Kos, the leftist pink-o's, and all other liberal thinking individuals own the internet, it is exceeding hard to be a Conservative on-line. They want the fairness doctrine, but I bet they wouldn't be willing to sign up for the fairness doctrine on the internet. Red State is their Air America to our Rush Limbaugh. Just try to go ahead and digg a conservative story, or buzz a conservative video.

This is what you are going to see. The liberals are going to pile-on, seeing a swing driven by an economic crisis, that they started. Hugh Hewitt has it right, McCain/Palin will come back. Any poll conducted on-line is absolutely suspect, because I am sure those email alerts that the Kosians send out entirely swing the polls. When you have 2.7M views a day, that brings with it a lot of responsibility and frankly, power, to manipulate all manner of exposure, include you-tube video-views, and digg rankings.

The narrative right now from the left is that it is over, the republicans are losing it, and Obama will rout. I think they have a very short term memory, remember Adam McKay anyone? I do not think that the Left realizes that they truly hate this country, they want to socialize Health Care and Energy and take shots at the greatest country on the planet. Yes, McCain is clearly behind in the polls, and those of us on the Far Right (and proud of it) wanted him to reject the bailout. We are waiting for him to come out and exposure Obama on his absolutely shattered, disrepectful past. The people are being brainwashed by the MSM, the blogosphere, supression of opinion, and socialist propoganda.

Obama is in the lead in the polls, that much is true, but the idea of an absolute route, or a 300+ electoral count for him is insane. He may win, but no matter what the Kosians tell you, it will be very close. Our country is at a cross-roads, the future of our society is hanging in the balance, if you do not believe me, talk to some young people. Their moral indifference and lack of work ethic is horrifying. If the Dingy Kos and the Huffington Pest get their way, and win, we will be delivered in a society with no moral standards, no guns, abortion on demand for 10 year olds without parental notification, universal bad health-care, elimination of the middle class, failure of the US Military, over-funded failed educational institutions, over-paid bad teachers, supressed free speech among other things.

Communists will pretend to be Democratic, and we'll have a vote, and we'll put CastrObama in power, with Jadolph Bitler not far behind. We'll put Nancy Pe-Loser and Barney Frankfurter back into power with a fillibuster proof majority in both houses, and the Chickens-will-come-home-to-roost.

But I guess there is not much at stake in the election at all. One other note, there are just two of us, Mundy and Fundy, and it is just impossible for us to respond to every post on the Kos. We'll keep up as best as we can. Our visits are going up every day, you can help by Digging us, or Buzzing us, but it is a hard fight. The Daily Kos has too much to lose if we get the exposure we deserve.

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