Thursday, October 2, 2008

When Harry met Obama

For this one, you'll have to start with the vile post over at the Kos. Now their friend Harry who lives next door is in quite a predicament. This is what he said:

All I want is the government to help me lower my interest rate. I can’t afford it, I need a normal rate. But when I tried to get one the FHA, FNMA, they all told me no, my house isn’t worth what I owe on it. All the banks said the same thing. I couldn’t refinance without a huge down payment. And I’m stuck. Then I heard the government was going to bail out the people who created this mess with 700 billion dollars, it made me real angry. I can’t get a few hundreds dollars a month of help on my own home for my family, but the richest people in the world who got a bunch of people like me over the barrel are going to get 700 billion dollars of our tax money? Disgusting.

Then DarkSyde says:

Now, some people will rightfully point out that Harry should have read the fine print. He should have been more circumspect with his finances. He bought too big a house, or had too little income. That in short, it's mostly Harry's fault and therefore mostly Harry's burden to bear.

I couldn't have said the above better myself. Well, I guess I could call Harry an idiot. I also argree with DarkSnide, I don't support the bailout. I think we need something (and no, not a securities transaction tax) but not this. I also am beside myself on all of the pork that is in this bill.

Let me talk about what Obama means for Harry. See, I have a lot of respect for Harry, he knows his mortgage is his responsibility, he knows he has to work two jobs. Harry messed up and now he is angry. See, this is what liberals do, they make you angry at people with money. Now, I am not going to defend Wall Street traders and go on about default credit swaps. But does Harry really understand that the Dems caused this? Does he get it? Barney, Maxine and the gang - THEY DID THIS. Now, Obama, the grand savior of all things, will do nothing to help Harry. Let's see:

Taxes - Harry is going to get a tax break from Obama, right? Bill Clinton campaigned on a tax break and guess what, it never happened. Even George Bush Senior had to raise taxes. (Yes, I said it, it is a fact.) With the bailout package, there is NO WAY Obama can afford any of the $1T he wants for new programs. He'll have to raise taxes on the rich just to come close to paying for it. So, Obama will raise corporate taxes, payroll taxes, social security taxes, energy taxes, and every other tax he can find. Then Harry may lose his job. That is a fact, higher taxes have to be paid for and the very same people that Lite-Snide vilifies are the ones that employ most of America.

Health Care - It'll be ok if Harry loses his job because Obama is going to give everybody free health care all the time. No worries if his daughter gets pregnant because they'll be handing out lollipops at the abortion clinic where doctors are forced to give free abortions on demand. Best part is, Harry won't need to know about it, because, by a lucky chance, Obama will make it so kids as young at 10 can have abortions and the parents do not have to know. It is funny how a 17 year old needs their mom or dad to sign for them to have their tonsils taken out, but you can murder a baby inside a 12 year old with the snap of a finger (or a trip to the closest racist planned parenthood clinic.) Also, they'll be no Doctors left because people will be able to sue for $50M over a scar that ran through a tattoo of a burning flag on a vegan tree-hugger's backside.

Security - No issue here either. The Grand Premier Csar Obama will cover us on this one as well. He'll be playing basketball with Putin, while he smokes a doobie with AmajinaDude, and hooks up Chauvez with the latest Hollywood starlet. Since we'll have no weapon systems left, and all the military bases will be closed, he'll just wave his hands and get rid of all the bullets. And then when they do land on the coasts of Florida, it'll be fine, because people will have guns to defend themselves. Oh wait, he won't let anybody have guns either.

Rights - You can go off on the Patriot Act all you want. When Obama is King, it'll be off with your heads if you even question anybody on anything. I mean, George Bush has got nothing on Obama's Police State in Missiouri trying to silence dissent. Sounds a bit like China to me.

Notice, I don't even talk about Joe Biden. He's simply not relevant at all.

So, go ahead, bash McCain and Palin and try to suggest they are not smart. Obama is not smart, not worldly, and Americans don't deserve to be punished by his Marxist beliefs which will translate into policies, and not to mention, Supreme Court Justices.

In Response to: When Harry Met Fannie

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