Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Snap Polls Render Critical Thinking Obsolete

The snap polls are fine, and they are going to reflect future polls. It is wrong to show the CNN opinion lines in real-time, people spend too much time looking at them and then using them to decide what they think. Lastly, the snap polls make it so that people are not careful about how they look at the debate, it eliminates any fact-checking that may occur, and so, you get what you get. Snap polls come out based on fluff, opinion lines tell people how to think, and so "who won" polls later show the same. Who won is not as important as who you are voting for and Obama's edge has been sliding in that area recently. We'll see what it really means in the coming days. Keep in mind, the media wants Conservatives to believe it is pointless, then we will stay home, we just can't do that. With the ACORN fraud and dire consequences of an Obama election, no matter what the polls say, or how hard they push on us to give up, we have to get out and vote. Keep in mind, whenever there was an actual total population vote in Blue states when it was Obama v Clinton, Obama got wasted! So hope is not lost and the sky is not falling!

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