Monday, October 13, 2008

Polls continue to tank for Obama!

Wow! Three weeks to go and Obama's lead in the polls has been completely cut in half. Don't forget, McCain will get 2 to 3 pts during the last three days of the election. This all occurred during a week where the media portrayed "Red America" as a bunch of racists. Let me say this loud and clear: If the media and Obama's supporters continue to imply that if you don't vote for Obama then you are a racist, John McCain will win this thing. So what we have to do is continue to attack Obama as a radical, which he is.

Reuters/CSpan/Zogby Tracking
Obama +4

Gallup Tracking
Obama +5

Rasmussen Tracking
Obama +5

In response to: 10/13 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 52 , McCain 40 (and ABC/WaPo is 53-43)


Anonymous said...

Two questions:
1. How come you omitted the other two major national polls that came out today? (Research 2000 and Dieago/Hotline). Are you cherry-picking poll results here?
2. What are you basing your assertion that McCain will pick up 2-3 points in November on, exactly?

WhatBubbaKnows said...

Research2000? Dieago? Please, who's cherry picking here?

Anonymous said...

Well... They also left out Gallup which got back some of the Obama ground it gave up over the weekend. Undecideds will go to McCain, they always go towards the familiar. (Gore in 2000 for example.)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The polls don't really bother me. Americans are not stupid enough to actually vote for this wacko. The polls have been wrong before. Democrats are in for a big suprise on Nov 4th.

On another note. I know you don't have the backing of that douchebag Soros, but you need to drop the blogger. Get a layout like hufftards where people can really comment. Even retarded liberals.

Keep up the good work. Don't back down or close the site.