Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's Debate

What is interesting is that the left has painted Palin as an idiot since the second she was announced as the VP nominee, and they got what they wanted. The MSM has certainly helped. Now, under the realization that Obama benefitted from lowered expectations during the McCain debate, they are nervous. You see, Obama didn't really beat McCain, he just didn't drool on stage. All Obama had to do was not mess up horribly, and of course he didn't. Obama didn't beat McCain, Obama just didn't lose for Obama.

Now, we have Palin, who all of the Leftists have painted as so dumb, in the same boat. That's right guys, as long as she doesn't drool on stage, it will look like she destroyed Biden. Worse still, if Biden makes one of his famous gaffes (I heard they aren't letting any indians or guys in wheelchairs in tonight) then it is a meltdown for Obama.

I got it, McCain is behind in the polls. You've successfully painted Palin the way you wanted, but this is America and many Americans are smart. The election is not today. Joe Biden can crash and burn tonight and Palin will be at her best.

What Palin needs to do tonight is speak directly to the American people and focus on Conservative core values. Independents are not left, not by any stretch. Palin always does best when there is nothing in between her and the people.

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