Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Obama: The Politics Of Denial

At what point do we call the tactics of Barack Obama for what they are? Lies and Denials. Here is the issue. Barack Obama has a less-than-desirable list of friends. In every instance, he tells us how he has the answers - when he has no record to back it up. Then, when there is a record, and some type of history, he goes ahead and denies that he even knows anything.

Like Elizbeth Haselback said, "are you a liar or do you have poor judgement?" Now, let's review:

Jeremiah Wright - Obama's Pastor for 20 years. Hate Monger. Anti-Semite. Scum Bag. Obama did not distance himself until it was political.

Father Pflager - Speaks at Obama former Church (only after embarrassment) and Obama gave him money& here they are in 2000.

Bill Ayers - Terrorist. Member of the Weather Underground. Killed Americans. Launched Obama's Political Career.

Tony Rezko - bought land and sold it to Obama at a discount. Oh yeah, and he is a convicted felon.

Raila Odinga - Defeated in his bid for the Kenyan Presidency. Led Supporters in a Violent Uprising. Obama Campaigned for him in 2006. (at tax payer expense)

Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour - I can't even get started. This is Obama's Political Grand-father, and his intentions do not seem to be too honorable.

Franklin Raines - Cooked the Books at Fannie Mae. Obama hired him as an advisor on Housing and Urban Affairs.

Frank Marshall David - Communist Obama Mentor.

Emil Jones Jr. - Ugh... Just Read It.

Rev James Meeks - Spiritual Mentor

Rashid Khalidi - PLO Terrorist.

So what does Obama do? He just denies them all. They're just acquantances. I didn't know. Obama is a trojan horse and the most dangerous Presidential candidate, ever.

In Response to: McCain & Palin: The Politics Of Hate

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