Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama & Dems Continue to Smear with the Race Card

Obama and his merry band of followers continue to try to say that McCain and Palin's attacks are racist. Here, Here, Here (Barney Frank) , Here, Here and Here. How it makes sense that questioning a person based on his long-term relationships is racist is beyond me. You see, by doing that, they hope to detract from the real serious concerns.

They call it smear, racism, Rove-style politics, and then they attack Palin for not taking interviews. Right. The entire establishment media has tried to discredit Palin since day one, you know why? Palin will lead the next generation of young conservative hopeful Americans. The Democrats rely on the idealism and perfect world-view of the young. They lose many liberals to the wisdom of age. If Palin can excite them while young, they never get their chance.

So, pay attention America. The liberals are stealing this country and four years of Barry, Barry, Harry and Nancy (and no that's not a group of 60's folk singers) and we may never get it back.

Please also take a look at this video. It is not racist to not vote for Obama, it is because of principle.

In Response to: A Momentary Post-Smear Environment. Maybe.

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Ewan Watt said...

Wow... hope you're referring to Gov Paterson and not me as one of BO's "friends"!