Saturday, October 11, 2008

More on What Makes ACORN So Dangerous

No matter what, the outcome of the election in at least 10 states will be suspect. ACORN has destroyed the confidence of the American people in our election process. Congrats Dems. Obama should go to jail for his campaign providing $800k to ACORN in order to steal the primary from Clinton. Change My Donkey.

In Response to: More on What Makes Troopergate So Dangerous


Mattie said...

I highly doubt Obama knew what was happening with ACORN.

I worked for them for two days before I couldn't do it anymore and I seriously doubt Obama knew anything that was happening.

He proffered up money to a private organization to help register people to vote. They misused this money and gave tainted registrations. This has nothing to do with Obama and saying so just shows your complete bias and lack of judgement and restraint.

Mundy said...


Obama TRAINED for ACORN - so he knew them intimately, called them family. You seem like a smart person, please do the research. I know Obama seems exciting and different and a novelty, but he has a tainted past and represents a socialist, dare I say, Marxist agenda.


mattie said...

I'm not voting for Obama. He doesn't seem exciting or different. He's the same as every other politician.

But, I actually WORKED at ACORN for two days, as well as the week long training. Those people would fill out the registration pages because if you didn't get enough registrations or enough money raised, you could get fired.

Don't assume just because someone disputes a fact about a candidate that they are voting for them. I dispute just as many false and outrageous accusations levied at McCain.

I also don't agree that Obama is Marxist. I think he definitely leans socialist, but represents the new breed of socialism that has cropped up in the last 20 years in Europe and the U.S.

And I HAVE done the research and find your reaction to be out of line and part of the big problem in U.S. society: this jump to extreme opinions and conclusions.