Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Making Clean Energy a Non-Issue

Shhhhhhh! Listen! Can you hear that? It's America's outrage over the Dem's allowing a quarter-century ban on drilling for oil to expire.

In true form, the Libs in congress have put politics over principle and once again showed that they care far more about being in power than they do about fixing the manufactured crisis of global warming. America's outrage about the price of gas and the House Repubs staying behind while Pelosi went on her book tour resulted in the best solution for America's energy woes - Drill Here, Drill Now! After months of stating that drilling more at home would only result in pennies at the pump, the cowardly Dems sold "mother earth" and their faithful followers down the river for political gain.

Not sure this is the Hope and Change the Koolaid Drinking Libs signed up for.

In Response to: Making Clean Energy Cheap

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