Friday, October 3, 2008

Final reaction thread

So it is now 1:00 AM and all the pundits have spoken. The insta-polls are garbage, especially considering they come from CNN and CBS. CNN and CBS polls said that Biden won. Fox News and Drudge Report said that Palin won.

The Kosians are missing the point. Every, single Leftist said that Palin was going to nosedive, and even the most Marxist Pinko would have to admit that she did not. Although, in my opinion she stood her ground, put Biden on his heels (what a loser, crying, wasn't that a Hillary move anyway?) and won this debate, that doesn't matter. What matters is that the left wingnuts needed, wanted, and craved a defining, "Palin-is-an-idiot" moment. They did not get it.

Biden made all sorts of misstatements and half-truths but, that won't matter, the MSM is taking care of the spin and clean up for the Obama campaign. Regardless, the American people were watching, and Palin, contrary to what the Kosians wanted, performed like a true Statesman.

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