Monday, October 6, 2008

Arsenic and strychnine tonic

The Daily Kos will do anything to avoid having to talk about Obama and his communist buddy William Ayers. They actually think they have a gotcha moment because Palin picked up a coffee at Starbucks?!?! Last I checked, they were putting Starbucks in the bakery section of the local Pricechoppers grocery chain in CT. Down here in Georgia, you can't help but go to Starbucks for a coffee with Dunkin Donuts nonexistent. Also, Starbucks is in just about every airport in America now. Newsflash to the KOS! - Starbucks went mainstream a long time ago!

Right now for the KOS its talk about anything but Ayers. Why? They have no way to explain Obama's radical past and beliefs.

"We Are A Guerrilla Organization. We Are Communist Women And Men, Underground In The United States For More Than Four Years." - Weather Underground

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