Sunday, October 19, 2008

Any Given Sunday, or Monday Night, Saturday Afternoon

Since the Kos wants to talk about Team Owners who have endorsed Obama, why not take a look at those who support McCain. In fact, why not look at all of the Sports figures that think a McCain win is a good idea:

Mario Andretti, Former Race Car Driver
Bill Davidson, owner of the Detroit Pistons[85]
John Elway, Hall of Fame Denver Broncos quarterback
Joe Gibbs, former Washington Redskins head coach
Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner
Ken Kennedy, WWE Wrestler
Don King, boxing promoter
Robert Kraft, New England Patriots Owner
Chuck Liddell, MMA Fighter
Arnold Palmer, Former PGA player
Richard Petty, 7 Time NASCAR Champion
Brady Quinn, Cleveland Browns Backup Quarterback
Rhino TNA Wrestler
Nolan Ryan, Hall of Fame pitcher
Curt Schilling, Boston Red Sox pitcher[86]
Jason Sehorn, retired New York Giants cornerback[87]
Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys quarterback[88]
Joe Thomas, Left Tackle for the Cleveland Browns
Troy Aikman, Fmr. Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Bob Craft has to be the most respected NFL coach in the league, and is the most popular sports franchise owner ever in New England. So let them have Dan Rooney.

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SureHowDoYouKnow said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks for the info.

AmericanAngle said...

And of course Lynn Swann. Keep up the good work, we need as many Patriots as possible to counter the 0bamabots.