Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You won, Get Over It.

Hey Lefties... you won, you have the House, you have the Senate and the Presidency. The Republicans are just a "regional party" now. Look, they cannot even get over by how much Obama won, or what the mandate is.

If they have won and Obama is taking over in January, why are we talking about Bush? Nobody is going to prosecute Bush. Karl Rove did not make the "big" leak. Guantanimo Bay is not illegal. Why bother? If this was about the future, then why focus on Bush? If this was about bipartisianship then why lose it over Liebermann. This is what it came down to, Liebermann said if they took his committee chair, he'd caucus with the Republicans, it was that simple. (Frankly, you should be more worried that 31 of 47 appointments are from the Clinton Circus Administration.)

Then Gonzalez, the absolute evil man who, managed to fire people that the President didn't want. I do not care if George Bush wanted to fire them because he did not like their nose piercings. You see, that is how real jobs are, you work, the boss doesn't like you, you go home. He cannot do it based on race, religion, sex or age, but that is about it. Why are Government and Union jobs different? If you cannot get fired for any reason ever, and you'll have massive amounts of money poured into a lawsuit, just because, some idiot thinks Bush is the spawn of Satan, why would you ever work? In fact, if Obama is going to take care of everything, why work at all?

Libs, get a life, get a cause. They say that we are just about anti-Obama, and for now, that is what we get to be. You were anti-Bush. You don't get to be the anti-anything anymore. You won, good luck with Obama, Reid, Peloser, Frankie and Doddie, Clinton, Dead-Fish Mailer and Tax Evasion pardoner.

I can at least say this. It has not been long since the election was over, and the circus is well underway, guess it makes sense that Britney Spears has a new album by the same name.

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Ashok said...

They're not going to get a life or a cause. The whole agenda has always been to stick it to groups they don't like since day 1.

They need enemies - how else does their coalition hold up?

Tucker Carlson was on Slate saying that the Right is the same way - that if you get some East Coast Republicans and Christian Coalition types in the same room, they'll have at each other - but while that might be true for the big wigs, it's not true for the conservatives I personally know. We're all partial to libertarianism, even the more evangelical ones I know, because we want everyone to feel free. And we want to do more with our lives and more for each other.

The "victim" rhetoric of the Left prevents real fraternity, I submit. The nicest thing about having to rebuild the Republican base for me is meeting more people and networking. Who'd have thought partisanship could be fun beyond mere winning:

What can we reasonably expect from partisanship?

Mundy said...

I do not think the various wings of Conservatives fight as visciously as Code Pink will with realistic (moderate) Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Still crying about the landslide? Maybe people would treat the GOP better if they offered anything other than intolerance, hatred, and bigotry.