Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Them Obama Voters Is Smart

No wonder Obama won. His supporters were just too smart for us.

Here's proof:


Anonymous said...

God those people are stupid. I doubt they had to do any editing at all. I think this is typical of most democrat voters. Sad pathetic liberals.

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

Actually, I don't think these people are stupid at all.These people are intentionally misinformed by the media.

This video really shows the power the media has over what we all know. Those of us who are aware of this power go elsewhere for information to get informed. Those of us who aren't aware of this power, still trust the media to be doing the right thing, so they are being misinformed.

The media is very dangerous to the people of the USA now. It doesn't protect us it puts us in danger.

The media used to be something to help the people gain knowledge of the truth so the people can make the right decisions.

Now the media is something that hides the truth. How could anyone possibly make the right decisions if the truth is hidden from them???

Anonymous said...

The media certainly was a big part of the mindset of the liberal. If all they watch is ABC for example, they think Obama can't do any wrong. We as conservatives need to get the word out there especially to people like this. That take the media's word as truth.