Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11/5/08 - National Day of Mourning

Daily AntiKos declares today, November 5, 2008, a National Day of Mourning.

God Save America!

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Anonymous said...

Rev. "God Damn America" Wright won!
America has been damned by the results of this fraudulent election.

Whatzizface said...

If the you you could take one thing away from this experience:

"different is not evil"

I will pray for your close-mindedness... and stop reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

That joe the plumber fund on your page looks an awful lot like. *GASP!* SOCIALISM!

Anonymous said...

You were wrong to vote for Bush, twice, and you were wrong to vote for McCain. The terrible condition of our economy is your fault. The war in Iraq is your fault. The prohibition on federal funding of stem cells is your fault. The resistance to environmental measures, your fault. The fact that neither gays nor women enjoy the rights they should in this country, your fault. Faith based initiatives and the presidential approval of intelligent design in schools, your fault.

You drove this country into the farking ground over the past eight years and now you have the pig-ignorant audacity to harrass your betters for voting in a well educated, reasonable, secular candidate. You seem to hate anyone capable of improving our conditions, as if you're actively working towards the ruination of the country. If you'd had your way, we'd have another for or eight years of the same disastrous policies, yet more illegitimate war (in Iran this time) and the very real and very chilling prospect of a president Palin. That is what you would visit upon us all, and I spit on you for it. You are garbage, and I will enjoy the next eight years of hearing the sweet symphony of your desperate, anguished bleating.

Anonymous said...

McCain (and I don't call him McCainarthy this time because I was so impressed with his speech last night) doesn't agree with you.