Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama chooses basketball over church

Top ten reasons the Obama's haven't been able to find a new church:

10. Never really liked church anyhow.

9. Jeremiah Wright hasn't taken a new pastorate yet.

8. Most churches are way too patriotic.

7. Not a lot of Farrakhan-friendly churches to choose from.

6. Opting for at-home bible studies with Bill Ayers

5. Finding a pro-abortion church is tougher than they thought.

4. No longer need to prove that they're Black.

3. Not enough designated smoking areas.

2. Too far to drive to U.N. Chapel in NYC.

1. Can't make up their mind between joining a church or a mosque.

In response to: Oh No!


Anonymous said...

Only morons go to church anyway.

Fundy said...

So how long have you been going?

Anonymous said...

Another reason....The collection plate isn't collecting donations for them.

Chuck said...

#11 He's already been elected President, he doesn't need to pretend to be religious anymore.