Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama the Torturer?

Let me respond to the last sentence of the following quote which was taken from mcjoan's most recent post at the Daily Kos.

"Given the loose sourcing, it's hard to suss out who is pushing what out of this story. But let's deal with the effort behind it. Someone has shopped a story to the leading, "credible" conservative rag saying that Obama "may decide" to go completely against his campaign promises to end torture as state policy, and then pushing John Brennan as the reasonable intelligence expert, who may fill one of the administration's key intelligence posts. None of this is to say that this is what Obama is going to do as president, but it's not an encouraging trend."

Can you say, Green Party?

In response to: "Counterintelligence"


Jason E. Johnson said...

It would not surprise me if he changed directions. Newt Gingrich has him figured out. He will do whatever is politically good for Obama.

Chuck said...

I agree with Jason plus I think Obama will get in the WH and find out that the campaign is not the real world. He will find out that McCain was right, there are bad people out there trying to harm us.